Last October I had the opportunity to vacation with my family in Washougal, WA. To leave the arid part of Arizona that we live in and spend time in this area with thick fog in the morning, often rolling out to soggy days of misty rain outside and the fireplace inside, was refreshing for our family. Having no agenda, on a property not far from the Columbia River Gorge, was a chance to hit pause, breathe a bit, and contemplate. During this time, I had opportunity to revisit accounts of Francis of Assisi through a couple of different writings and meditate on his seven teachings which seemed to breathe new life into my journey. It was a chance to begin again.

St. Bonaventure tells us that towards the end of his life St. Francis would tell the other friars: “Let us begin again, brothers, for up until now, we have done little or nothing.” Francis – who did much, and whose legacy lives on as a reformer. For me, I continually remember that though there has been progress, there is much to be done…so: We begin again – each week and each day.

Thumbing through my journal from this trip, I came upon a prayer that I wrote during this vacation. I’ve been praying it regularly now, and you are welcome to pray it with me.

“So, We Begin Again”

In a land of division
Let us begin again

In a time where there are some who claim Christ
But ostracize those who are unlike them
Let us begin again

In a land where Sunday morning still tends to be the most segregated hour in society
We begin again

Lord, have mercy on us
Lord, lead us
Lord, give us grace
Grace for humility
Grace for sacrifice
Grace for forgiveness
Grace to set all things aside
Right now
In the Already
To be bringers of the Not Yet
In a world that needs it right now